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Feb 2, 2017

Ken reveals what the Netflix algorithm thinks he wants to watch--we can't explain it, but the really think he wants to see Escorts, Love Actually, and Zootopia. Ok, maybe he does actually want to watch Escorts. And just think about what those "smart" algorithms think people who've been searching "golden showers" lately want to watch. Ken also talks about a fateful day in radio that made the staff consider murdering him. He takes the opportunity to publicly apologize for a stunt he played on a big-time DJ many moons ago. Plus, he tells the craziest audience testing story ever. Finally, Ken interviews the amazing voice of the Mets, Rangers, and UCLA (we are tired just typing that), Josh Lewin. Enjoy!

over four years ago

I used to listen to WLS when I lived in New Orleans. I'd hear Larry Lujack most of the time. Also wanted you to know some of us really do know the old-timers that you refer to. Those actors from the 40's and 50's were great. I'm really enjoying your podcasts.